Go Bio Services

What we do

In our efforts to create a sustainable, green environment, Go Bio:

  • Buys your grease and solves your waste problem
  • Is committed to clean barrels and customer satisfaction.
  • Offers hot water exterior power washing for maintenance of grease and/or waste barrels and surrounding area.
  • Is the top local choice since 2008


A Message for our Valued Customers

Effective Tuesday, October 3, 2017, GoBio customers will begin receiving cooking oil collection service from SeQuential – a leading West Coast biodiesel manufacturer.

GoBio has been providing used cooking oil to the SeQuential plant in Salem for the past eight years, where it is transformed into sustainable biodiesel sold across the state. SeQuential has the same commitment to customer service you’ve come to expect with GoBio, and they are deeply dedicated to improving the environment through the creation of low carbon fuel. We are confident you will be in good hands with SeQuential as your service provider.

A SeQuential representative will contact you in the near future to update your account paperwork. In the meantime, you will continue to receive your regularly scheduled service. You can contact us directly by:

For more information about SeQuential, visit them online here