Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead, anthropologist.

Go Bio Community Fuels

Building a local cooperative biofuel delivery system with community sales
and direct distribution.


Jeff Rola, Founder
64682 Cook Ave., Suite 71 Bend OR 97703


We Own the Fuel

When we stop to fill up, get on the plane, turn on the stove, or turn up the thermostat on a cold winter night, — we own the fuel.

When we pay at the pump, we pay for those pumps and the station and the tankers that delivered the fuel, and the refinery, and the drill rig, and the survey crew.

But we don’t own that stuff. We just pay for it. We are left with a quantity of liquid we seldom see, to take us from Point A to Point B.

We don’t own the choices that were made, the governments formed and unformed, the wars fought, or the stock dividends. We just pay for it.

We don’t own the wasted lands, the poisoned air, or the scum covered waters. Our children will pay for that.

Go Bio Community Fuels gives local fuel users the power to choose cleaner, greener alternatives to fossil fuels, the opportunity to drive toward a low carbon future, and the financial incentives of a cooperative because — We Own the Fuel.

Go Bio Community Fuels
will build:

  • A Biodiesel (B-20 or greater) and Ethanol (E-85) filling station, using locally sourced Oregon made bio-fuels, with EV charging.
  • Direct fueling. Instead of going to the filling station, the filling station comes to you via mobile fuel truck to fill your car, truck, tractor or fleet.
  • A local user-owned and operated business that generates wealth and retains that wealth in the local community.

Steps to Achieve, 2018:
“If we build it, they will go — bio.”

  • Solicit member/owners of Go Bio Community Fuels. To become a member, purchase one share of Go Bio Community Fuels for $1,000. Initial shares sold will be held in a restricted account, and no share funds will be expended until a minimum of 250 shares are sold.
  • Recruit an Organizing Board of 3-5 directors from the community membership. Directors will organize the structure (Articles, By-Laws, Policy), develop a business plan, and guide the initial operations of Go Bio Community Fuels.
  • When the minimum 250 shares are sold, the Organizing Board will make the necessary decisions and expend funds to implement the Business Plan.
  • If, by the end of 2018, the 250 share minimum is not sold, the Operating Board may: a) Extend the sales period, or b) dissolve Go Bio Community Fuels and distribute funds back to the share purchasers.


  • Begin fuel sales and operations in some capacity by July 1, 2018.
  • Be fully operational by New Year’s Day, 2019