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At an investor conference I attended recently, I met a man named Alexander Rozenfeld. He is putting an investment fund together to specifically address Climate Change. So I asked him “Why Climate Change?” His motivation was clear. “If we don’t do anything about climate change, all the other problems in the world won’t matter.” 
Which brings us to the Boiling Frog story. Climate change is huge, global, and complicated. Part of the resistance and denial about climate change rests in the notion that the issue is so massive that we can’t comprehend any action that would matter. And like the frog in the pot of cold water, we wait, and stay with what’s safe and familiar while the heat rises.
When faced with an overwhelming challenge, It helps to remember the story of the Stranded Starfish. A young boy and his grandfather were walking by the seashore. A recent storm had scoured the sea bottom and washed thousands of starfish up above the high tide mark. They were all dying. On seeing the carnage, the young boy picked up a starfish and quickly took it back into the water. The grandfather said, “What are you doing? You can’t save all these starfish.” The boy looked up at grandfather and said, “Well, I saved that one,” and went to pick up another. 
I don’t have the solution to climate change. But with Go Bio Community Fuels, I believe we can take a small step toward a solution to climate change. We can all jump out of the pot and pick up a starfish.