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School District excited to start using B20

School bus fleets are among the most enthusiastic users of biodiesel blends — attracted by the lower emissions, enhanced performance and competitive pricing of biodiesel. Here’s what the Ballard Community School District in Iowa wrote in their recent newsletter about making the switch to biodiesel blends:    

Exciting things are happening within the Transportation Department!

For the 2018 – 19 school year, the Ballard Board of Education has approved district busses to utilize biodiesel, a renewable fuel which decreases greenhouse gas emissions by up to 86%. The school district will be using a blend of 20% biodiesel for most of the year and a 5% blend level during the winter months, provided locally by Renewable Energy Group in Ames. Biodiesel uses products produced by farmers in our school district to add value back to their farming operations while delivering cleaner air for our students